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Document Management

Drive Axle Hub allows you to quickly receive crisp, clear document images from drivers within minutes of load delivery. Simple, easy, and cost-effective for any size fleet. Get paid faster!

How it Works

Drivers simply download the app, then scan and send freight documents to the email address registered with your Drive Axle Hub account. These images are immediately delivered directly to your Drive Axle Hub Inbox, where you can print, download, forward, or archive them.

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Document Management Made Easy

Drive Axle Hub allows you to easily access and manage your document images from any web browser. 

  • Search for documents by driver, scan date, load #, BOL #, and document type.
  • Distribute to multiple departments – one-click forwarding via email.
  • Access both original and enhanced images.
  • No more lost documents – searchable archived documents are easily retrieved.
  • API integration – Platinum customers can integrate with our API to transmit documents directly to their backend systems.
Easy Document Management with Drive Axle Hub
Original Invoice ImageEnhanced Invoice Image

Image Enhancement

Drive Axle has been built to handle the kinds of non-ideal conditions drivers face on a daily basis: poor lighting, faded carbon copy, crumpled paper and cramped truck cabs. Drive Axle can transform images taken in these conditions into crisp, clear, and legible freight documents.

Original Invoice ImageEnhanced Invoice Image

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Top Benefits of Drive Axle

Get Paid Faster »

Imagine being able to receive crisp, clear images of POD's and BOL's just minutes after your drivers make their deliveries. Such fast document capture allows you to bill your customer and get paid faster. All of this means you have a shorter receivables cycle and more money in the bank!
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Save Money »

It's no longer necessary to spend big bucks on expensive, inconvenient truck stop solutions. For a low monthly fee, you can afford to have your drivers send you not only POD's and BOL's, but fuel receipts, VIR's, logs, and more.
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Make Your Drivers Happy »

Everyone knows finding drivers is a challenge. Fleets who use Drive Axle have a recruiting advantage because drivers love how Drive Axle frees them from the inconvenience of truck stop scanners and faxes.
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You’re less than a minute away from worry-free documents. Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at anytime, with no fees.


$ 19 / month
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Unlimited Drivers
  • 100 Pages/Month*
  • 1 Hub User


$ 39 / month
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Unlimited Drivers
  • 300 Pages/Month*
  • 2 Hub Users


$ 79 / month
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Unlimited Drivers
  • 800 Pages/Month*
  • 5 Hub Users
Best Value


$ 59 / month + 7¢ per page
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Unlimited Drivers
  • Unlimited Pages/Month
  • 10 Hub Users
  • API Integration

* A charge of 25¢/page will apply if the page count is exceeded for non-Platinum plans.

Lost document?
No problem. »

The Drive Axle Hub stores your documents, giving you the ability to search for old documents by driver name, date, and more. No more digging through your email to find a specific document.
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New driver?
No problem. »

With Drive Axle, you can receive documents from anyone. Drivers just download the app and can start sending documents to your company’s email address. There’s no need to manually enter their information into a system or spend time provisioning your drivers.
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Eleos Platform - Driver Mobile App Platform

Looking for a Custom Mobile Driver App for Your Fleet?

Drive Axle is powered by Eleos – the same platform that powers mobile driver apps for industry-leading trucking fleets. Replace your aging mobilecomm with a modern system that delights truck drivers and can evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

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